Team Member Spotlight: Neil Macdonald

It is with great pride and joy that we step forward each day at Omni with a people-first mindset. This is what sets the precedent for care within our residences, and what builds a culture of incredible team members and community within them. We work to create a supportive atmosphere that fosters an optimal experience for our residents, families, and team members. Hope, purpose, and belonging in healthcare is the foundation of everything we strive for, and we couldn’t do it without our valued team.

Meet Neil Macdonald, Administrator at Pleasant Meadow Manor and an incredible team member at Omni who spends his days making residents feel at home. We sat down to talk with Neil about his purpose and experience as part of the Omni team.

Q: What does your role look like day-to-day?

A: A day-to-day in my role is overseeing the operation of Pleasant Meadow Manor across all departments. Each day I strive to provide supportive, effective leadership to all employees of the home and ensure that residents of the home receive the high quality of care that they deserve.   

Q: What have been your biggest accomplishments on the team?

A: I am still relatively new to the Administrator role at Pleasant Meadow Manor and our team, but my biggest accomplishment has been leading the team through the redevelopment process. On March 1, 2023, the residents of our home moved from a more than 30-year-old home into a brand-new addition to the home. Our residents now live in the new section while the part we left behind is being renovated. The team has been great at finding successes in our new environment and showing adversity through challenges. 

Q: Who are some of your biggest inspirations within the company? 

A: I have had the privilege of having a few mentors throughout my career with Omni Quality Living. The team at Home Office have always been very supportive and provided a lot of opportunity to myself and so many others in the company. I have worked at various other homes during my career, and I always find each team provides their own unique inspiration towards proving quality care for the residents of the home. I have been a part of many inspiring teams here.  

Q: What kinds of resources have you taken advantage of while at Omni? 

A: Omni Quality Living provides incredible resources, such as ongoing education within the company. Along with in-house education, I have also been able to utilize the Omni bursary program for continuing education on several occasions. This resource really helped me propel my career and further enhance my ability to contribute to the residents of the homes I have worked in.   

Q: What’s the most unique part about working here? 

A: A unique part about working for Omni is the way that people are cared for in the company. We expect to provide high quality care for our residents, and we recognize that we need to have caring and compassionate team members to do this. I have received great support and guidance on my journey at Omni and have a lot of fun caring for the residents of the home on that journey. 

Q: How have you grown professionally while at Omni? 

A: I started as a cook at Riverview Manor in Peterborough, ON. I was able to complete education to obtain various diplomas and certificates while working, and then had the opportunity to work as the Nutritional Care Manager at Frost Manor in Lindsay, ON. I was able to assist throughout the years at Springdale Country Manor and Willows Estates as well. Through mentorship early on in my career with Omni, I had the goal of becoming an Administrator one day, and when the moment presented itself, I was very appreciative to take on the new role.  

With love and support, Omni captures an appreciation for individuals and their life stories, both in the residents that we care for each day and the team members that make it possible. When we strike the perfect balance of understanding and support, we are truly fulfilling our vision of using our hearts and our minds to bring hope and humanity to long-term care, retirement homes, and health care.

“I used to think my career achievement was unique, but when talking to many individuals at Omni I have realized how strong the culture of promoting from within and providing opportunity to staff at all levels is” says Neil. “There are so many professional development stories in every Omni home, it is quite amazing.” 

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