Team Member Spotlight: Brittney Sharpe

After more than 10 years working of with Omni in different roles, Frost Manor’s beloved Administrator Brittney Sharpe is well-versed in the life of an Omni team member. Company culture is ingrained in everything Omni does. From the quality care provided to residents, to the community we build around our long-term care and retirement residences, we are consistently focused on making the Omni experience the best that it can be. Without team members like Brittney, we couldn’t do what we do.

Brittney has been part of the incredible community at Omni’s Frost Manor since May of 2012, advancing her career and growing in her integral role as an Omni team member. Prior to employment, she spent time at Frost Manor as a volunteer while in elementary school, stopping by to visit residents and create meaningful connections out of the goodness of her heart. In 2007, she completed her high-school co-op placement in the same residence, which she notes as a pivotal moment in understanding exactly what she wanted to do with her career.

She worked diligently as a Personal Support Worker (PSW) while going to school to become a Registered Nurse (RN) and was then welcomed into a position as an RN at Frost Manor post-graduation. After working on the floor for a few years, she stepped through multiple levels of leadership, first as a Quality Care RN, and then as Director of Care. Soon after, she took the position of Administrator in 2021, working for Omni through the height of COVID-19 and leading the Frost Manor team through trying times with grace and exceptional management.

“What I love most about working at Omni is the endless opportunity to explore your role within the company.” says Brittney, “Omni has put an emphasis on providing opportunities within the company, which has shown me just how much they care for their staff”. As she continued to explore these new opportunities, Brittney was awarded with an Inspired Leader Award in 2019, being recognized for the amazing work and dedication she continued to provide to Omni team members and residents each day. “My favourite part of my role at Omni is that I can be a leader and show others within the company that anything is possible. It feels good to know that the work that I do every day helps to provide a better work environment for my team.”

Prior to her tenured employment at Frost Manor, Brittney’s heart was set on changing lives. Her goal in life was to spend her days improving the quality of life for those around her, and she has found a community at Omni that brings out the incredible compassion and care within her in all the best ways. Team members like Brittney are what make Omni possible — enabling us to provide world class, people-first care in each long-term care home and retirement residence through dedicated and educated team members who are focused on making a difference.

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