Summer activities to enjoy with other residents

Canadian summers are short and sweet, but they’re also full of sunshine. We wait all year for the good weather to show up, and it feels lovely to soak up some sun before the snow comes again. That said, being conscious of the heat and its limitations while taking the right precautions to stay cool is critical to staying safe this summer.

Spending time outdoors can provide physical and emotional benefits. More specifically, getting a healthy dose of vitamin D from the sun can help boost your energy levels and serotonin, which will keep you happier and healthier throughout the warmer months. Furthermore, participating in more summer activities with other long-term care or retirement residents is a great way to connect with one another.

Here’s a list of fun summer activities for residents to get outside and stay connected during the warmer months:

Go for a walk

Walking is a wonderful form of low impact exercise that is safe and sustainable for most people. Not to mention, it’s one of those activities that you can enjoy either on your own or with many others. The next time you’re thinking about heading out for a walk, invite a friend, family member, or even your neighbor to take a stroll with you. Better yet, ask other residents if they’re open to making this a regular thing and creating a weekly routine out of it. Share stories, stroll quietly, or chat about life while soaking up the sunshine together.

Yoga or meditation

Yoga and meditation are great ways to get some fresh air while practicing mindfulness. Participating in this form of activity with other residents can be a really fun shared experience and it’s a great opportunity to form stronger connections with one another.


When it’s nice out, picnics make for the perfect last-minute activity for just about anyone. So the next time you’re having trouble coming up with a fun outdoor activity, consider taking advantage of the nearby good company of other residents and the beautiful weather and move your mealtime outside together.


Connecting with nature can be good for the soul, and doing so with family or friends is even better. Find a buddy to grow some plants with you and watch the fruits of your labour grow for the remainder of the warm summer months. That said, if there are any physical limitations that might be preventing you from performing some of these tasks, it can be just as enjoyable to find a nearby garden where you can sit and admire the great outdoors.

Tabletop Activities

Anything that can be done around a dinner table can be moved outside! Bring out your board games, puzzles, arts and crafts, trivia, and soak up the sunshine while enjoying the company of other residents. This is a great idea for anyone who’s looking for some light-hearted entertainment that isn’t too strenuous. And if everyone’s up for it, you might even want to schedule weekly board game sessions with other residents, which you can move outside in the summer and keep them going on indoors during the winter.

Group Hang Out

Remember, you don’t need to have something major planned out to have some fun this summer. Good company always makes for a good time. Not to mention, you can always organize a group hangout with other residents and invite your loved ones from outside of the residence to join.

Whatever your plans are this summer, we hope that it is filled with a lot of love and sunshine. The nice weather brings many new opportunities to connect with other residents — and together, you can experience all that your long-term care or retirement home has to offer.

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