Winter gardening 101: Keep your passion alive 

Gardening enthusiasts don’t need to stop sewing and growing just because of the snow! Canadian winters can be harsh for a budding outdoor garden. That said, there are plenty of ways for seniors to continue with their craft during the winter months. Those who are comfortable with the snow can build a hearty, winter-proofed garden with cold-weather plants, and those who prefer the indoors can continue to watch their favourite florals bloom.  

There are plenty of ways to keep flexing your green thumb throughout the winter. Omni’s long-term care and retirement homes have options to support year-round gardening so residents can keep up with this soulful hobby. Gardening is also an activity that can be accessible to all. Whether you prefer to get your hands dirty in nature or sit back and enjoy the views, gardening can be loved by people of all ages and abilities. It is important to make this hobby accessible to Omni residents year-round, so we have come up with a list of ways to keep your gardening passions alive while staying safe and warm. 

Plant winter veggies 

If you’re keen on continuing to garden outside, there are plenty of hearty winter veggies and shrubs that will keep your garden going strong through the snow. Many vegetables, such as kale, cabbage, and brussels sprouts, do well when exposed to frost. You can still yield little home-grown gems for your dinner table (isn’t that just the best feeling ever?) while ensuring they can withstand the chilly weather. If veggies are too much work, try planting simple shrubs to keep your garden looking full without much maintenance. 

Surround yourself with wildlife 

Gardening doesn’t have to be all about the plants! In the summer, wildflowers and fruits bring the birds and the bees. You don’t have to give up these nature sightings just because the snow is falling. We love watching winter wildlife as they enjoy the Omni residences. Tall bird feeders bring colourful friends to the garden, creating a source of entertainment and enjoyment for residents of all ages and abilities. Hanging out near our stand feeders is the best way to get the birds to come to you. 

Start planning for next year 

Take a little break from getting your hands dirty and start thinking about your spring gardening dreams. Planning for next year can include chatting with pals about your ideas and shared gardening tasks within the home, or ordering seeds and bulbs so that you’re ready when the snow melts. Some folks also like to take this downtime to learn more about gardening through books, podcasts, and television shows. This might help you come up with new ideas for your garden next year! 

Plant indoors 

If you want to keep your gardening hobby going throughout the winter but don’t feel comfortable or safe maintaining a space outside, you can always transition to indoor gardening. Herb gardens are a great indoor garden idea because they take up minimal space and can withstand indoor climates (especially heartier herbs such as sage, rosemary, and thyme). For those who prefer a garden to admire, knowing your blooms can help create a beautiful floral garden that flourishes indoors. Florals such as poinsettias and orchids do well inside during the winter months. 

At Omni, we believe it’s important to continue making space for fulfilling activities and recreational time, no matter the weather. We love watching residents and their loved ones find new ways to enjoy gardening throughout the winter. We’d like to thank our residents for sharing their creative tips and tricks for keeping their love of gardening alive throughout year-round. For more information about Omni residences, go to