Valentine’s Day Celebrations at Omni Quality Living

Valentine’s Day is not just about romantic love, but also about the deep bonds of compassion and community that we share with one another. At Omni Quality Living, love is not limited to just one day, but rather a daily practice that enriches our lives and creates a warm and welcoming environment for all.

However, this Valentine’s Day we had a great time celebrating at each of our residences. From our residents participating in special arts and crafts sessions to staff members going above and beyond to show kindness, the spirit of love and connection permeated our residences. We’re were also so grateful to witness the lovely couples in our residences celebrating their love for one another in unique ways.

Here are some of the special moments shared at Omni this Valentine’s Day:

Residence Activities

Residence: Almonte Country Haven

Residents enjoyed pre-Valentine’s events doing crafts and taste testing chocolate covered strawberries and pineapple. Mexican hot chocolate was a hit!

Residence: Almonte Country Haven

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Residents participating in crafts, lots of sweet treats and dancing the afternoon away to musical entertainment.

Couple Highlights

Residence: Forest Hill

Margo Nowosad and  Clayton Fulford were married on August 31, 1957 at the First United Church on Golden Avenue in Ottawa. They were introduced at a Valentine’s Day dance by their good friends Shirley and Eddy LeSage who remained life long friends. They started a family, having 2 daughters and remained in the west end of Ottawa until their retirement when they moved to Middleville Ontario (30 km west of Almonte). Health issues made them decide to move into ‘town’ (Almonte), which they thoroughly enjoyed until they moved into Forest Hills.

They loved to travel and one of Margo’s greatest memories was all the beautiful gardens and flowers in Amsterdam. Family was very important to them and some of their fondest memories were of having a hosting a full house of family during holidays. Clayton stated that the first thing that stood out to him about Margo was her kind smile. 

Residence: Rosebridge Manor

This picture was taken at Rosebridge Manor, in our beautiful main lobby. The gentleman in the picture is David Scott, along with devoted Personal Care Assistant, Patti Rathwell. David’s wife is away at this time and this picture is being sent as a special “I Love You” for Valentine’s Day.

Residence: Rosebridge Manor

Married just 4 years ago, John and Joan Fyke knew each other since they were teenagers. They met early on but fell in love later in life.