Springdale Country Manor: Get to Know Our Residents

Community is always at the heart of Omni. Our passion is people. We love sharing special moments with our residents where we get to learn more about them and create new memories together. During one of the most recent activities held at all our residences, we asked our residents at Springdale Country Manor to share their favorite childhood memory with us, and this is what some of them had to say:

“Waiting for my father to come home from work because he was a lot of fun and would spend time playing with us kids. He built us houses to play on and also made the furniture to go in them.” – Marie Swan

“Going to my Grandma’s and baking. She loved baking pies! She would take us to church on Sunday.” – Monica Craig

“My mom was always cooking in the kitchen and I loved to watch her. Every morning she made me porridge before school and it started my day off right. I loved porridge then… I still love it!”
– Carol Dauncey

“In the 40s, my mother, father, and brother when my dad was off, we’d go on a trip and go anywhere there was good trout fishing. We would set up our little trailer and we’d spend the night. I’d bunk with my mom and my brother would bunk with my dad. We had a lot of fun.”
– Better Hulsman

“My dad made us homemade skis. We would use them to travel farm property and we would wear them to and from school, 1 mile each way.”
– Leo Wannamaker

“Got a pair of roller skates with key and could not skate on them, crying. Daddy came home in business attire. Held me up till I learned.” – Marylyn Our

Sharing old memories and creating new ones together

We’re so grateful to our residents for allowing us to be a part of their life journey and it brightens up our day when we get to learn something new about them. Every one of our residents has so much wisdom and experience to share with us, and we cherish all the special moments we get to spend together. To learn more about Springdale Country Manor or any of our other residences, please visit: www.omniqualityliving.ca.