Our mission and values at Omni

At Omni, our passion is people. Whether you are connected to us through residency, family, as a team member, or through our expanding community, you are the driving force behind our everyday care. As we evolve in our brand and in our ability to serve more residents across Eastern Canada, we are proud to announce Omni’s rebrand into Omni Quality Living, complete with a new website and social media. 

Creating a supportive atmosphere is integral to our longevity and core beliefs as a company. Our ability to provide exceptional care and quality living while fostering a beautiful and growing community stems from our upheld mission and values centred in care and compassion. As this rebrand brings new ways to communicate and flourish, we want to take the opportunity to reiterate our daily mission and guiding values that brought us to this incredible milestone and will continue to drive our care.

Our Mission

Supporting each unique individual we care for to experience hope, purpose and belonging.

To experience hope, purpose and belonging in health care is the foundation of everything we strive for. It is reflected in our work, goals and motivation. In Hope, we find the promise of a brighter tomorrow. In Purpose, we give each day meaning by touching and changing the lives of others. And in Belonging, we share a sense of oneness, of community with our residents, families and team members. Together, these qualities form a bond that link us and strengthen us, defining the mission that distinguishes our unique approach to health care.

Our Values

Integrity: We strive to achieve an optimal experience for our residents, families, team members, and community. Each team member is expected to bring the most honest representation of their skills and abilities to provide the best care experience available, always.

Compassion: Understanding that each resident and each home has unique needs and experiences, we take a compassionate approach to every interaction with residents, families, and team members. Not only caring for, but also caring about, is a key aspect of excellence across the organization.

Inclusiveness: Diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of who we are.Our commitment to these values is unwavering and is central to our mission and impact in our communities. Recognizing and respecting the uniqueness of individuals is part of what builds our vibrant, joyful, and diverse communities. 

Curiosity: Encouraging curiosity across the organization is key to supporting staff to continually incorporate new and innovative care approaches. Our commitment to boosting knowledge creates a dynamic environment. Curiosity generates forward thinking, builds knowledge, and brings a sense of adventure and fun into our operations. 

Resilience: Health care is constantly evolving and facing new challenges. We will navigate these obstacles and opportunities with flexibility, strength, and perseverance. We will do so with the culture of kindness and personal attention being nurtured in each of our homes.  

The opportunity to create a place for our residents to call home, in every sense of the word, is a privilege that we do not take lightly. At Omni, we pride ourselves in operating under values that exude love, care, and compassion. We remind ourselves of our mission statement each day, because it is the true driving force behind our quality care. The stories of life and laughter that we curate within the communities at each Omni residence reminds us that our values are being put into action. We continue to operate every ounce of Omni with integrity, compassion, inclusivity, curiosity, and resilience — and we do so proudly.