Community Values at our Omni Residences

When transitioning into long-term care or retirement living, there can be a lot of unknowns. It is not uncommon for new residents to feel nervous or scared about making the move because it can feel unfamiliar. Opening yourself up to new experiences can be as fulfilling as it is scary. Omni residences aim to build a remarkable environment full of warmth and compassion that undoubtably feels like home. With an emphasize on empathy and investment into each individual resident and their joy and fulfillment, we have made Omni bright and bustling in all the best ways.

So, what signifies community values at our Omni residences? World-class standards of care and enriching amenities are some of our strongest assets, but it is our values and actions within the walls of our residences that build the beauty that we know and love. As mentioned in a recent blog post, Omni’s values include integrity, compassion, inclusivity, curiosity, and resilience. The everyday action of these values are why so many Canadians call Omni residences “home”.

Prioritizing empathy, compassion and respect in our daily interactions with residents and their families, we operate on the basis of each individual’s needs and preferences. Providing compassionate care to residents is a huge priority to our teams. Omni understands that every person has their own needs and preferences, which means personalizing moments of care to be as comfortable as they can be. Prioritizing personalized care ensures that all residents receive the best experience possible. This individualized care feeling extends throughout our staff and community to create a place where voices are heard and needs are met. You can be yourself and be supported at Omni.

Outside of the individuality that our residents get to enjoy, we come together as a community. At Omni, everyone is part of one big family. You aren’t simply moving into a new living space, but instead being welcomed into the presence of a team and community of compassionate individuals who view you as part of the family. We strive to foster a sense of belonging among all residents by offering a vibrant and engaging community for residents to connect with others and create new memories together. 

Omni is dedicated to providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for residents to feel inspired and supported. This includes offering a range of amenities and services to make the long-term care and retirement living experience enjoyable to all residents. We empower residents of all ages and abilities to live life to the fullest and to leverage our community opportunities to fulfil their social, creative, and active needs.

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