Celebrating Judy Keenan: A Pillar of Frost Manor’s Community 

At Omni Quality Living, we believe that our staff members are the heart and soul of our community. Today, we are thrilled to shine a spotlight on Judy Keenan, a dedicated team member whose commitment and passion have enriched our residents’ lives at Frost Manor for over two decades. 

A Journey of Dedication 

Judy’s journey with Frost Manor began back in 1998 when she joined us as a part-time dietary aide. With a background in food preparation, she was eager to make a difference. Over the years, her role evolved, and she transitioned to a full-time dietary aide and cook. Her daily responsibilities are extensive, including meal preparation, cooking, serving, and ensuring the dining room is spotless. Judy’s enthusiasm for her work is evident in every dish she prepares and every interaction she has with residents. 

Growing Together 

Over the years, Judy’s professional growth at Frost Manor has been remarkable. She has honed her skills as a team player and communicator, completed her food safety training, and embraced the philosophy that it takes a village to provide the highest quality of life for our residents.  

Her dedication was particularly evident during a major flood in the kitchen, where Judy and her team quickly adapted, cooking meals in the small dining room and ensuring that residents received their meals without any disruption. This experience highlighted the strong team dynamics at Frost Manor, where everyone supports each other to overcome challenges.  

Her approach to inclusivity extends to training new staff members, where she models and coaches them closely to ensure all team members feel welcomed and supported to deliver the best quality care to residents. 

Impacting Lives and Building Community 

Connecting with residents during mealtimes is one of Judy’s greatest joys and knowing her efforts bring joy to the residents makes each day brighter. She takes the time to learn the preferences of each resident and goes out of her way to accommodate special requests. For example, she makes sure that a resident who loves peanut butter and jam sandwiches has one ready every day at 2 PM.  

Judy’s story is a testament to the incredible difference one person can make, and we celebrate her journey with heartfelt appreciation. Her dedication to making mealtimes a highlight for residents has set a high standard for all of us at Frost Manor.  

As Judy looks forward to retirement, she leaves behind a legacy of compassion and excellence. We are deeply grateful for her years of service and the positive impact she has made on our community.