Celebrating diversity at Omni

At Omni, we believe that diversity is beautiful, and inclusion is key. We recognize that our residents come from all walks of life and our main priority is cultivating a warm, supportive environment where everyone can feel right at “home.” 

For someone who’s considering making the transition to long-term care and retirement living, it’s not uncommon to have some questions or concerns about entering a new community and establishing a sense of belonging within it. Some of the questions we often hear is will the home have the expertise and compassion to fully support my needs? Will I fit in with the rest of the resident community? Will my independence be jeopardized by moving into a residence?  

While making this big life decision, these are all very valid concerns and the community at Omni works diligently to ensure ease and comfort throughout this transition. Our community is designed to support our residents’ physical, emotional, and social well-being. This includes being committed to building a community where everyone feels valued and respected, and always finding new opportunities to celebrate the vibrancy of our differences.  

Residents and team members are part of one big family, and the love and warmth within the walls can be felt right when you enter one of our residences. The bonds formed here are akin to best friends and family members, where sharing spaces and making new memories is all part of the liveliness of this experience. Our team members are trained in EDI (equity, diversity, and inclusion) and practice these values daily. 

We value the unique experiences of our residents and team members, which provides a beautiful mosaic of rich perspectives within each residence. Individualized care is the standard at Omni, so team members are equipped to understand the diversity of our residents and the uniqueness of their needs and preferences. Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of every decision made, and the voices of all residents and team members are heard and appreciated. 

Integrity, compassion, and inclusiveness are some our key values and we strive to uphold them in each decision we make. These words are the guiding light of everything we do at Omni and it’s reflected in our daily work. For more information about our values, visit https://www.omniqualityliving.ca/about-omni/corporate-values/.