Team Member Spotlight: Jonathon Krieger, Regional General Manager 

At Omni, we pride ourselves on having a diverse and dedicated team that works tirelessly to provide exceptional care and service to our residents. Today, we shine the spotlight on Jonathon Krieger, our Regional General Manager, who plays a pivotal role in ensuring that all our homes in New Brunswick run smoothly and efficiently. With 14 months under his belt at Omni, Jonathon brings a wealth of experience, having been in the industry since 2010. 

A day in the life at Omni 

Jonathon’s role as a Regional General Manager is no small feat. He oversees various aspects of our operations, from culinary and sales departments to maintenance and care services. What makes his job truly exciting is that no two days are ever the same. In Jonathon’s words, the dynamic nature of his role is what keeps him engaged and passionate about his work. Omni is not just a care home; it’s many operations under one roof. Jonathon’s responsibility is to tie all departments together, ensuring a seamless experience for both residents and his team. 

One of the things he values most is having an outstanding team that excel in their roles and shares the same dedication to Omni’s mission and values. Having a team that believes in the organization’s mission is essential for Jonathon to be efficient in his role.  

Biggest accomplishments 

Jonathon takes immense pride in building a strong, cohesive team. He acknowledges that his success isn’t solely attributed to him but to the exceptional individuals he has the pleasure of working with.  

Jonathon has been able to provide crucial support to Omni’s nursing team, filling gaps in their experience and helping them become more efficient. By identifying areas where support was needed, Jonathon and his team have made significant strides in improving the quality of care provided to residents. Omni’s yearly retreat further strengthened the bonds within the team, emphasizing inclusivity and the importance of every team member’s unique contributions. 

What inspires Jonathon in his professional work? 

For Jonathon, the inspiration comes from the seniors Omni serves. Despite his shift from a maintenance role, where he was celebrated as a hero for every lightbulb change, to his current position, where he deals with challenging issues, Jonathon’s commitment to seniors remains unwavering. He sees his role as an advocate for seniors, ensuring that their resources are used efficiently and their best interests are at the forefront of every decision. 

Jonathon’s work extends beyond the residents to include partnerships with community organizations like the New Brunswick Special Care Home Association, which exemplifies his commitment to building a strong network and fostering inclusivity. 

Resources and support at Omni 

Omni provides Jonathon with a wealth of resources and support, from the CEO down to the management team. He values the collaborative approach of the leadership team, which promotes problem-solving and knowledge sharing across departments. With team members like Shawn Riel, Chief Operating Officer, who have decades of experience, Jonathon and his team have access to a vast pool of knowledge that helps in making informed decisions. 

Omni’s history of long-tenured employees is a testament to its dedication to its team, and Jonathon believes that this wealth of experience is a vital resource that sets Omni apart. 

What makes Omni unique? 

One of the most unique aspects of working at Omni is the opportunity to be part of shaping its future. With Omni’s recent entry into the New Brunswick market, Jonathon and his team have a blank canvas to work with. They can innovate and create without the constraints or roadblocks. This fresh start combined with the unwavering support of Omni’s leadership makes it a unique and exciting journey for Jonathon and his team. 

Professional growth at Omni 

Jonathon’s journey with Omni has been one of personal growth and rediscovery. He returned to the long-term care sector in New Brunswick with a renewed passion and sense of purpose. Omni has provided him with a platform to give back and mentor others while also deepening his sense of empathy and understanding. His role has allowed him to rediscover the love he always had for the industry, making each day at Omni a fulfilling experience. 

Jonathon Kreiger’s dedication, leadership, and passion for his work make him an invaluable member of the Omni team. We look forward to witnessing the continued positive impact he brings to our organization and the residents we serve.