Engaging Ice-Breaker Activities for Getting to Know the Other Residents 

Omni believes that socialization is the key to properly acclimating into a retirement home and, ultimately, thriving. But as a new resident, things might feel awkward or even scary at first. 

Fortunately, ice-breaker activities can help reduce the feeling of uncomfortableness, help residents adjust quicker, and encourage new friendships. 

Two Truths and a Lie 

What we think we know about a person and what’s actually true are two completely different things. It isn’t until we learn more about a person that we realize who they truly are. That becomes apparent when playing a game of Two Truths and a Lie. 

Each player will name off three things about themselves with one of those things being made up. Residents will have to try to pick which of the three “facts” they believe is a lie. 

This game can be quite silly and even a little challenging at times. However, residents will find that they learn a lot about other residents in a short period of time by playing this ice-breaker activity. 

Group Nature Walks 

Kill two birds with one stone by going on a nature walk as a group. This ice-breaker is not only great for one’s physical health but their social health too. 

Going on a walk in a group setting gives residents a chance to strike up conversations with others. Conversations may start as small talk pertaining to the walk itself, like, “What beautiful weather we’re having today,” or “Look at that bird over there.” 

As residents get comfortable with each other on the walk, the conversation may turn into something more personal, creating a stronger bond between two or more residents. 

Sharing Childhood Photos 

As one gets older, it’s imperative to continue making plans towards the future. However, it’s also critical to look back at the past, cherishing every memory and change that made you who you are today. 

A fun way for long-term care residents to connect is to share photos of themselves from their childhood. To spice up this fun activity, each resident will provide one childhood photo of themselves. Each photo will be laid out, and residents will have to guess which childhood photo belongs to which resident. 

Think Fast 

One of the quickest and easiest ways to learn more about other residents is by playing a game of Think Fast. 

Players will be given 30 seconds to write down 10 adjectives about themselves. When the timer runs out, each resident one-by-one will read off their list outloud. Residents can learn a lot about other residents simply by hearing their traits and what each person thinks about themselves. 

Starting a Book Club 

For residents who consider themselves to be bookworms, starting a book club can be a great activity to engage in as an ice-breaker. 

Residents can become more comfortable interacting with one another as they discuss a book they’ve read. Book club members are also encouraged to share opinions, foreshadow, or form any real-life connections they have with the book, with each other. 

Not only is reading a great way to promote cognitive health, but social skills can also be sharpened when involved in a book club setting. Not to mention, sharing an interest with others is symbiotic and helps build relationships with others. 

Want to learn more about how we offer life enrichment at our long-term care facility? Visit our website, or contact Omni directly for more information.